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For self employed, employees and employers in the construction sector

We take care of all peripheral matters such as recruiting assignments and personnel. Also administrative matters such as: time registration, wages, prefinancing, drawing up contracts and more

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Self employed or employee

Search for a position that matches you based on your function and place of residence among our vacancies

Submit your application or contact our recruitment department directly

We go through everything with you with regard to work and conditions, also we will make clear agreements which we then include in the drafting of the contracts

You can get started! On your first working day, one of our account managers is always present to introduce you to the client.

More information about working at Hands2Work? See ' employee ' or ' self- employed '

Ready to get started? click below to find a vacancy that matches you

Looking for staff

Tell us what kind of personnel you are looking for, what the project entails or what your company does

Our recruitment department will work to select the right staff or a suitable self-employed person for your project.

We draw up the contracts and agreements for the cooperation. These are always in accordance with the collective labor agreement and laws and regulations. At freelancers we work with a model agreement DBA

Once all agreements have been made and all paperwork has been signed, our professionals can get to work

More information about working with Hands2Work? Then look at the page ' Employers '

Ready for the first step? Then click below and let us know how we can be of service to you

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Zoek werk

I am looking for a job

We are looking for self-employed and temporary workers for construction and outfitting for our customers

Search directly between all current vacancies

With us you can work as an employee or as a self-employed person! View all vacancies

Or sign up for the vacancy alert and stay informed about projects in your area

Sign up vacancy alert

Search vacancies by category

Search below for work or for a project that suits you based on: function, place of residence or region


Certainty of working at Hands2Work

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Available 24/7

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Paid out weekly

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Clear agreements

Altijd werk | Hands2Work

Always work

Ik zoek personeel of zzp'ers

I am looking for staff or freelancers

Throughout the Netherlands, Hands2Work helps customers and clients to find suitable personnel or self-employed persons for their projects.

I am looking for staff immediately

Do you immediately need personnel or self-employed persons for your company or project? We would like to know more about what you are looking for to provide you with the best possible service!

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You can submit an application via the site and we will contact you. You can also contact us directly!

Collaborate with Hands2Work

Thanks to our experiences with customers, self-employed workers and staff, we know all too well how difficult it can be to find reliable professionals.

Not to mention how complex and time consuming this and the additional administrative work is.

We will be happy to take over all of the above work for you!

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